She Uses A T-Rex Costume For A Hilarious "First Look" Prank On Her Groom. His Reaction Is So Good

They say that laughter is the key to any great marriage. If that's true, Beth and Tom Gardner are sure to last forever! The happy couple got married last November, but Beth decided to play a prank on Tom during their "first look moment" by showing up in a giant T-Rex costume.


The "first look" is when a couple who is about to be married see each other decked out in their wedding clothes for the first time. There's usually some crying and a lot of romantic posing as a photographer takes pictures. The Gardners decided to skip all that and kick off their happy day with a laugh. The moment was captured by Jon Clark Weddings and Paul Seiler Photography.

Videographer Jon Murray says, "He told me the bride was thinking of doing a first look... in a T-rex costume. I knew we had to encourage this thought, and so, we did exactly that. This couple was so fun as you can tell, and it definitely was a dream wedding to shoot."

After getting the big laugh, Beth stepped out of the costume to reveal her actual wedding dress, which was traditional and beautiful. Here's wishing these two a lifetime of happiness, love, and laughter.

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H/T: someecards

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