She Was Always Terrified Of Dogs, But When She Saw This One, She Couldn't Just Walk Away

Dogs are one of the most popular, beloved animals in the world. Their friendly nature, lovable demeanor, and delightful antics are just some of the features that make them widely adored by the general public. While not everyone is fond of them, the vast majority of people simply cannot resist their charm.

Some people might find dogs to be irresistibly cute in photos and videos, but feel intimidated when encountering one in real life. These furry creatures are usually very cheerful and full of energy, which can be a tad overwhelming for some people (especially if it's his or her first encounter with a dog). On the other hand, the sight of an injured and spiritually broken dog is something that could shatter your heart. When a young girl in Bulgaria encountered a wounded pooch that was in desperate need of help, she immediately did something that would change both their lives forever.

When 16-year-old Anita Valkova first came across the injured dog, this is how she looked. "She was in my school yard when I first saw her," she wrote on her Imgur post. "A group of kids were throwing stones at her, and when I saw this little pooch all covered in blood, I knew I had to take action."

Anita immediately called her mother, grandpa, and grandma for assistance, but they told her that there was nothing they could do to help. In fact, they told her to "let it go," but the empathetic teen knew that she couldn't just walk away when she had the opportunity to help.

So, she called her father in hopes of getting a more optimistic response - even though she rarely talks to him. Her father agreed to come help her, but he told her that it would take him two hours to arrive.

Anita dutifully waited by the pooch's side for the next two hours. When her father finally arrived, he gave her a blanket to catch the dog so they could bring her to the vet. Unfortunately, because of the stray's condition, her dad would not let them in the car.


They spent about five minutes chasing the terrified pooch around before they were able to catch her and envelop her in the blanket. Anita sought out a friend who helped her carry the dog to the vet while her father waited in the car.

Once they got to the veterinarian clinic, the staff cleaned her wounds and provided her with antibiotics. The poor pooch was suffering from demodicosis - a skin condition that is caused by an infestation of parasitic mites.

"The next day, my mom came to see her and I managed to convince her to keep [the dog], with the help of the vets," Anita wrote. She named her new friend Alfeiya.

Unfortunately, Alfeiya's treatment was quite expensive - to the point where they had to borrow money in order to provide her with the medicine that she needed. "We're not very rich," Anita explained. "I live in a small apartment with my mom and grandparents, and a cat."

Despite the financial difficulties, the altruistic girl and her mother got Alfeiya the treatment that she needed. And in turn, they had a new addition to the family.


"We were able to take her home on the 30th of December 2015. I gave her a bath. We were both very scared - she of the water and I of her biting me," Anita recounted. "After I dried her fur, she got her claim on my bed." It was apparent that Alfeiya was ecstatic to be in a loving new home. Anita's selflessness changed this little dog's life forever.

Now, Alfeiya gets to enjoy life the way that a happy, carefree pooch should. She blissfully spends her days at home with her new best friend, and every new activity is an exciting adventure for her. Her first car ride was definitely a thrilling experience!

"I've always been scared of dogs. But I couldn't leave a creature to suffer when I could help. I hope this story gives you hope and inspiration to be a better person and help with anything you can!"

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H/T: The Dodo | Imgur

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