She Was Lying Still As This Stray Dog Approached Her. I Was So Touched When I Learned The Reason Why

“Bear” is the name of a stray dog two girls found one day at a campground. Looking at the poor pup was hard for them both, so they made it their mission to help the little guy out. There was some hesitation from Bear, but after coming up with a brilliant idea, one girl kneeled on the ground pretending to be in pain. It sounds like a strange way to coax the dog, but, lo and behold, it worked.

Amanda and her friend saw this dog all alone. Together, they decided that this poor guy needed a loving home.

The dog was scared at first and wanted nothing to do with the girls. Their coaxing was doing the opposite of what they wanted, so Amanda came up with an idea. She laid down on the side of the road for twenty minutes, waiting for the dog to come inspect. After some time, he approached her but soon wandered off.

Amanda and her friend asked around the neighborhood about the dog, and everyone agreed that they saw him. They even threw him some food every once in a while.


She didn't want to give up hope just yet. This time, she approached the dog slowly with her back to him and laid down again. She kept this up for a good hour, making sure to not make any sudden movements that could scare him off. 

As she began to build a strong trust with the pup, she tried her very best to not grab him. He was visually concerned for her well-being, as she made whining and groaning noises. At one point, he even seemed to attempt to lead her to shelter.

She made her way to his side slowly, but surely. 

Bear was visibly starving, with his bones sticking out. These two girls could have walked away from this hours earlier, but they didn't. Because of their heroic actions, a dog in need was given proper love and care.


It took a little bit of time to gain Bear's trust, but eventually, the girls managed to slip a lead over his neck.

The night Amanda brought Bear home, she discovered that he wanted to be carried everywhere. She happily obliged. After a night of warmth, Bear made a visit to the vet. Since then, he has been on a fantastic path to recovery.

Credit: The Little Things | Lost and Found Pets WA State 

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