She Wraps Her Feet In Layers Of Aluminum Foils


Everyone has foil at home, but who would have thought to use it on your body? I've used foil to make tents to cook juicy turkeys and ribs, as well as to make "space hats" as a kid, but I never imagined I could actually use it on my body for health purposes. You can use foil for everything from curing colds to relieving insomnia!

Banish Fatigue

This is a tried and tested home remedy that's actually been popular for quite a while. Consumer Health Digest advises placing several strips of foil in the freezer for two to four hours. Then, apply the strips to your face, particularly around the cheeks and eyelids, and keep them there until you feel the muscles relaxing. You'll notice fatigue and insomnia melting away.

Soothe Aching Joints

If you've got a condition like gout, arthritis, or sciatica, try using aluminum foil. Wrap the affected area with foil and use a medical bandage to keep it in place. Leave it on overnight and/or while you're relatively sedentary during the day. Repeat for 10-12 days, then stop. If the pain persists after this, take a two week break and then reapply this treatment.

Treat Fresh Burns

Not a lot of people know that aluminum foil can actually soothe fresh burns. In fact, the University of Wisconsin actually instructed its doctors to dress fresh burns with foil. To do this at home, start by washing your burn wound with cold water and gently dry using a soft cloth. Apply a thin layer of burn cream and cover with sterile gauze. Wrap the gauze in aluminum foil and secure in place with medical bandages. 

Exorcising Phantom Pains

People who undergo amputation and/or otherwise lose a limb often report a phenomenon caused "phantom pains," where they feel a pain that seems to originate from the limb that is no longer there. If you're suffering from phantom pains, try wrapping the affected area in aluminum foil and secure with medical bandages. Remove once you feel the pain disappearing.

Cure Common Colds

When cold and flu season comes around, try using aluminum foil before you go reaching for those antibiotics. Wrap your feet in several layers (five to seven is a good number) of foil and leave this on for about an hour before removing. Air out your feet for the next two hours and then apply the layers of foil again. Air out your feet for two hours again, then apply the foil one last time. Do this for a full week and you should start to feel better.

Creating Gorgeous Curls

These tips are all so easy to do, since pretty much everyone's got aluminum foil at home. Who says it has to stay in the kitchen? It's 2016 and foil can do whatever it wants! 

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