She's Discovered The Secret To Keeping Her Nails Beautiful, And It's The Last Thing You'd Expect

Getting your nails done in a professional manicure always looks great, but it's so costly in money and time. And while you're being exposed to all those harsh chemicals, you can't help but worry about the safety and well-being of the people working there. For all these reasons, more women are doing their own nails at home. Fortunately, they've come up with some pretty amazing tips and tricks to share. Here are some of the coolest nail-hacks to get you looking like you just stepped out of the nail salon.

1. Dip freshly polished nails in a bowl of ice water to speed the drying time.


2. A teabag and some glue can fix a broken nail. Find the tutorial here

3. Misting newly painted nails with cooking spray will help to prevent smudges and set the polish.

4. A little clear polish and a tiny pod full of glitter creates a matte manicure for only a few dollars.


5. The other secret to matte manicures? Corn starch.

6. You can easily make your own nail dotter at home with small nails and pencil erasers.

7. Make sure to hit the top edge of your nail to avoid chips.

8. Use denture cleaner to clean the white of your nails.

9. A tiny brush and polish remover will give you greater detail and control in cleaning up.

10. Yes, there is a right way to apply polish.

11. Rubbing Vaseline will keep your cuticles from getting smudged with polish.

12. A toothpick is nail art's best friend.

13. Those French tip stickers can get pricey and they're only good for one application. Use rubber bands for a cheaper alternative.

14. Fix your polish smudges with a lick or a wet thumb.

15. Cleaning your nails with vinegar will prevent bubbles and uneven polish.

16. A white base coat will make your color pop.

17. A loofa creates a chic fishnet pattern.

18. This looks weird, but soaking your nails in cotton and polish remover is easier and nicer to your skin.

19. Use a BandAid for perfect polka dots.

20. Customize your nail polish with colored glitter.

Via: Faith Tap

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