Shiba Inu Gets Stuck In A Bush And Proceeds To Be Incredibly Happy

Every now and then, we all have bad days. Maybe we're running late for work and spill coffee on our shirt just before getting into the office, or maybe we receive some not-so-great news. No matter the cause, one of the most difficult things about a bad day is getting over it and trying to stay optimistic. If you find yourself struggling with such a feat, this adorable dog might give you a little inspiration. 

On August 17, Twitter user @yamamochi223, believed to be from Nagasaki, Japan, was taking a stroll through town and noticed this fluffy little Shiba Inu sticking out of a shrub. The dog had mysteriously become stuck in there, but it wasn't going to let that ruin its day. It posed for a few photos, smiling away as though there wasn't a giant bush enveloping it. Enjoy its sweet little face in the pictures below.

"Don't worry about me. This actually gives me a great view."

"Oh, hello! I didn't see you there. When you get a chance, could you get me some help? No rush, though."

"It feels like I'm flying!"

Let’s hope that the dog was rescued in a timely fashion, and let’s definitely applaud its unwavering optimism. The next time something bad happens to you during your day, channel the energy of this adorably happy dog and just keep on keeping on. 

Via: @yamamochi223 | Hamusoku

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