Shipping Containers Form The Walls Of This Stunning Home

Claudie Dubreuil, a general contractor in Quebec, is no stranger to sustainable materials. In fact, her company, Collections Dubreuil, prides itself on sustainable building practices and reusing materials in an ecologically sound way. She doesn’t always get to flex those muscles to their fullest, though.

Most homes she works on are fairly conventional. For her own home, however, Claudie pulled out all the stops. She decided on a structure made from old shipping containers, with a lot of amazing extra touches.

Getting the shipping containers was the easy part.

Having them modified by an engineer to fit her plans was the toughest part of the entire project.

After months of wrangling, she got them delivered and welded into place.

Looking at that picture, you might not be impressed. But check out the end results.

And the interior looks as modern and beautiful as the exterior, with gorgeous views...


And some really nice features, like brick, wood, and this spiral staircase.

Which leads upstairs to this beautiful chandelier.

The kitchen is top-notch, too, with all the modern amenities.

And right next door is a rustic dining area.

Even the bathroom is unrecognizably well-finished.


And so is the one upstairs, which thanks to a yard with a lot of privacy...

Opens to a second-story outdoor shower.

Claudie used the cut-out scraps of the container to decorate the basement rooms, tying them into the design.

It’s her perfect little getaway, and it really highlights just what you can do with the lowly cargo container.

Via: Houzz | Claudie Dubreuil

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