Shower Habits You Need To Avoid

Showering and hair washing - we do these on a regular basis, and we don't usually give it much thought. After all, we just step under the hot, steamy water and clean our hair and bodies with some soap, right? It hardly requires a Showering 101 lesson.

Well, it turns out that many of us do engage in some pretty undesirable showering habits. It hardly seems likely, since we've been going through the same routine our entire lives and are still standing here, healthy and clean. While these showering offenses won't kill you, they do prevent you from getting the most out of this daily activity. Read on to find out how you can optimize your showers!

Skip The Face Washing


Washing your face twice a day is extremely important, but it is not recommended to do so in the shower. Most of us tend to take nice, hot showers, which is not the optimal temperature in which to wash your face. So, do your face washing before or after - in the sink, with lukewarm water.

Cool Down On The Hot Showers

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Nothing relaxes you more than a hot shower after a long, hard day. Unfortunately - like most things that we enjoy - it is actually bad for us. Not only does hot water inhibit our skin's natural defense to protect against irritants, but it can also aggravate existing skin problems such as eczema, psoriasis, acne, and dandruff.

Be Considerate Of Water Usage


Compared to the 1950s, Americans are using 127% more water today. Be considerate when you're enjoying your showers!

Do Your Skin A Favor

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The outermost layer of our skin contains a thin layer of oil that locks in moisture. When we take overly hot showers, we are stripping our skin of these oils, which can lead to dry - and even scaly - skin. So, try to turn the heat down a notch from now on.

Take Proper Care Of Your Loofah


Loofahs, like sponges, are the ultimate breeding grounds for bacteria. If you choose to use one for your showering regimen, make sure that you wring it out and hang it up to dry after every use.



Failure to take the proper precautions could lead to you rubbing that bacteria all over your body the next time you use your loofah. And that just defeats the purpose of a shower, doesn't it?

Go Easy On The Exfoliating

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Exfoliating can feel physically and mentally satisfying, as you are ridding your body of dead skin cells and letting fresh skin to the surface. However, if you overdo it, you will be stripping your skin of its natural defense system. It is recommended that you only exfoliate once a week.

Give Your Hair A Break


You may feel tempted to wash your hair on a daily basis, but doing so could deprive your scalp and hair of their natural oils. Leave at least one day in between each hair wash.

Use Conditioner Properly

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Many of us will apply conditioner to our whole heads, including the roots of our hair. This actually results in an oil overdose on our scalps, making our hair look and feel greasy much more quickly.

Wash Your Feet Thoroughly

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When you're taking a shower, make sure that you're washing your entire body thoroughly. Water running down your legs and feet will not sufficiently clean them, and constant neglect of your lower extremities during cleaning could lead to bacterial and fungal growth.

Don't Wait After Exercising


If you are going to dedicate time for a workout during your busy day, make sure that you allow sufficient time for a shower afterward as well. Otherwise, not only will you be walking around smelling terrible, but you will also be inviting acne and bacteria growth.


Dry Your Bathroom Accessories


If you don't know by now, bacteria thrive in dark, moist places. When we finish showering, we are leaving our bathrooms dark and humid - the perfect breeding ground for bacteria. This could lead to staph infections, candida yeast infections, and fungal growth. Doesn't sound like a welcoming place to shower, right? Be sure to dry off all your bath accessories, like your razors, loofahs, and soaps.

Wake Up In The Shower


This trick is best for those of you who enjoy taking showers in the morning. Shower in cold water for the last few minutes of your routine, which will wake your body up. The shocking change in temperature will also stimulate mental alertness so that you are ready to start your day!

Be Gentle With Your Towel


Most of us tend to rub our bodies dry with our towels, but this could actually be too rough on our skin. Instead, use your towel to pat yourself dry.

Seal Your Skin With Some Moisturizer


After a nice, warm shower, be sure to apply moisturizer immediately. Following these simple rules, you should be getting the most out of your showering regimen and have glowing, healthy skin to show for it!

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