Sick Children Travel The World Thanks To The Magic Of VR

Mar 28, 2016

Technology, to most of us, usually goes something like this: “Oh my goodness! That’s amazing! This is the future!” which is then followed almost immediately by us taking some great leap forward for granted. Think about how vastly different our lives are with smartphones. Just 10 years ago, this world was a very different place.

There’s another way technology gets used that many of us don’t often think about - improving the lives of those of us who are sick or suffer from a disability. Whether it’s new medical technology, advanced prostheses, or faster, safer ways to get around, technology has helped so many.

Expedia, working with St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital, decided to try something a little different. They designed a special virtual-reality room that allows children too sick to travel to experience the world in ways most of us can only dream of.

From wild horses roaming the prairie to undersea adventures, this technology is giving kids trapped in a hospital a whole new kind of freedom.

H/T: Expedia

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