Sick Stray Puppy Is Inconsolable At Shelter... Until She Sees The Firefighter Who Saved Her

Chunkie the puppy hadn't been on this Earth long, but her short life so far had been one of suffering and neglect. But all that was about to change thanks to firefighter Mike Thawley. 

Mike was out walking one day when he came across Chunkie tied to a pole, shivering in the rain all by herself. There didn't seem to be anybody who cared for her - she appeared to have been abandoned there. Mike kept an eye out for an owner for a while, but when none appeared, he took action.

Mike brought her to the fire station where he works to clean her up and make sure she was alright.

The firefighters named her Chunkie, and Mike took her to a shelter once she was feeling better. He hoped she'd find a home soon, but it wasn't long before their paths crossed again.

Mike went back the next day to check on her, and the reunion was magical. The sheer joy of Chunkie's reaction is simply heartwarming.

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H/T: AJ Plasquita

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