Simple Plastic Bag Storage Hack

Plastic bags are a tough thing to avoid in the 21st century. They're the default option at most supermarkets and are tough to beat when it comes to cheap and efficient transportation of goods. Of course, using all that plastic is far from ideal, and we always recommend bringing your own reusable bags to the store when you shop, but sometimes you end up with a few bags here and there anyways.

Plastic bags are useful to keep around the house. I use them as trash bags in smaller trashcans and for cleaning up after my dog. Unfortunately, storing plastic bags can be a huge hassle. In my old house, we had an entire drawer dedicated to them and it always felt like they were about to burst out and bury us in a sea of red and white Target bags.

Bonnie of Our Secondhand Home has experienced similar issues and came up with a foolproof solution for storing plastic bags. It's so simple and clever that you'll be shocked you didn't come up with it first. Check out the images below for a full walkthrough of Bonnie's method. Never again will we have to deal with mountains of plastic bags!

If you go shopping at any major grocery store, this is probably a familiar sight. Most of us have drawers or pantries full of these plastic bags, and while they're definitely useful every once in a while, storage can be a real pain. That's why Bonnie came up with a brilliant solution that makes them compact and easy to get to at a moment's notice.

She begins by flattening out the bag, making sure to tuck in the sides so that the edges are even.


Next, fold the bag in half. It's important to squeeze as much air out of the bag as possible during this step.

Fold the bag in half lengthwise again. Double check to make sure there isn't any air in that bag. If there is, get it the heck out of there.

For those of you who folded paper footballs back in your elementary school days, this next step should be a piece of cake. Bonnie starts folding at a 45-degree angle at the bottom of the bag (away from the handles). It should look like a triangle just like the one pictured below.

Then, she folds the triangle straight up.

After that, you'll want to fold another 45-degree angle. This time, however, make sure that you line it up with the left edge of the bag.


If you can remember those three folds, you're golden! Keep folding in that pattern until you make it all the way to the handles at the top of the bag.

As soon as Bonnie reached the handles (you'll want to have about an inch to work with) she tucked them into the folds of her triangle.

And with that, your plastic bag is complete. It should come out as a tiny triangle like this one.

Storing them wherever you want couldn't be easier. Put a container like this in the pantry or under the kitchen sink.

You can fit five of these triangles in the space that one bag used to occupy. Learn more about Bonnie's plastic bag hack on her website.

H/T: NX2 | Our Secondhand House

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