Single Dad Creates A Hair Class Just For Fathers And Daughters

There's very little that children love more than their daddies. However, little girls don't normally think of dad first when it comes to getting ready for the day. Picking out the day's clothes and transforming bedhead to something more tame is usually left for mothers. One Florida father, however, wants to change that with his new venture.

When his daughter Emma was just a year old, Philippe Morgese became a single dad.

Becoming a single parent is full of trials, no matter the age or sex of your child. But as a man, Morgese feared one thing in particular about parenting - hair.

He started with simple clips and ponytails, but by the time Emma was elementary-school-aged, he was practically a pro. He would get compliments on her hair wherever they went, especially once people found out he was the one who had styled it.

Knowing that this aspect of parenting is one that fathers in particular often struggle with, he decided to launch a hair care and styling class just for dads and their daughters.


He searched and searched for a place to hold classes. Finally, International Academy, a local beauty school, agreed to provide a teaching space. Even better, they offered it free of charge.

This was a big boost, as Morgese doesn't charge for the classes, either. He explains that he "didn't want to stop anybody from learning."

His first class, held in September, was attended by seven father-daughter pairs and covered all the basics.

Simple hair combing was taught for complete beginners. Then the instruction moved to deal with easy-to-complete hairdos, such as the ponytail, bun and three-strand braid.

Morgese, though, could definitely teach a more advanced class. Over the years, he has developed some pretty and complex styles that anyone would love to learn.

Although his styling skills were born from necessity, he soon found that something even better came from his endeavor: a great bonding experience. After word of his styling abilities and class spread, he began receiving thousands of message, many of them from grown women who recall their own fond memories of having their hair down by their fathers.


That closeness is the main goal behind Morgese's class. He's felt the positive effects of this time he spends with his daughter, and he wants other dads to have the same boost in their own relationships.

There is space for 12 pairs at each class and Morgese intends to schedule them as often as he can, although he and Emma have a busy schedule full of homeschooling, running his online store and other fun ventures. He's even put forth the idea of doing a class for mothers and daughters, too.

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