Sisters Get Matching Tattoos, But With A Meaning

In life, there are no certainties. There’s a certainty that comes right after life and yea, most of us will pay taxes at some point, as the old joke goes. Everything else is dependent on a vast, whirling set of decisions and probabilities that we all like to call fate. It will probably be a long, long time before any mathematician even comes close to being able to simulate life, in all its complexity. If it will ever be possible. Truly nothing is random, but whether we can find the pattern is another story.

With the exception of identical twins, sisters can be as different as two total strangers, or nearly the same person. Either way, there’s still that enduring connection that comes from two girls sharing an upbringing and a few genes here and there. An increasingly popular trend for celebrating and honoring this bond between siblings is sets of themed tattoos. Artistic or literary, these little expressions go from sweet to silly, but always demonstrate this unique relationship.

This one’s becoming a fast favorite the more we stare at it. We love the message behind it, that these sisters are connected for life, no matter how far apart they are.

This clever, minimalist tat not only links these siblings but also evokes a classic bond of sibling trust, the “pinky swear.”

We love how this pair goes together but looks just as beautiful separately.


This pair of cats makes us smile but also might just tell us a little bit about each of the ladies attached to these arms.

Got more than one sister? Here’s a simple, lovely design that is infinitely expandable.

If you or your sis is an artist in their own right, might we suggest working on a custom design together that speaks to your own special characteristics?

The ancient hamsa symbol is a great way to declare you are going to protect your big or little sister from all evil that comes her way.

Need a way to sort out your siblings? These Russian nesting doll designs are a clever nod to birth order.


For something a little more subtle, try these tiny space tats on for size.

Maybe art’s not your thing. Maybe poetry’s the way your sisters get in sync.

Or perhaps it’s botany.

Or maybe you’re not entirely concerned with nuance and want to spell it out. Literally.

Via: LittleThings

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