Sisters Give Birth To 2 Sets Of Twins On The Same Day, But That's Not All That Makes Them Incredible

Annie and Joby Johnson tried to conceive a child for five long years, but had no success. They were about to give up on their dream of having a family when something incredible happened. The Johnsons married in 2005 and waited three years to start trying to have a family, but no amount of fertility treatments or procedures could help.

"When we were ready, we thought it would just happen," Annie said. "And when it doesn’t, you just feel so helpless." Thankfully, kids were still in the cards for the couple, just not in the way they had expected.

Annie's sister, Chrissy, volunteered to surrogate for her after they did some research and realized she could be a viable candidate. After careful consideration, they took her up on the offer and Chrissy was inseminated with Annie's fertilized eggs. Less than a week later, doctors announced she was pregnant with twins.

That's where the story takes a turn for the miraculous. Sometimes, they say that couples who struggle to conceive often have a better chance of conceiving when they stop trying so hard. That's exactly what happened to Annie and Joby - who got pregnant with twins of their own!

All of a sudden, the Johnsons went from having no kids to having four of them at once! "I said to the doctor, we were ready for a new problem," Joby said. "We haven’t been able to get pregnant for five years, so if the outcome of this is two twin pregnancies giving us quadruplets, bring it on. If the worst problem he can give us was now there would be four babies, we were ready."

To make matters even more unusual, both sisters ended up going into labor on the same day, and both had Cesarean sections for the delivery. Chrissy delivered her babies first so Annie could witness the birth of her first two kids, twin boys Charlie and Tommy. Then, Annie went and delivered her twin girls, Grace and Haddie. See more in the video below.

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