Sleeping Baby Snuggles Up With Two Tiny Puppies

Mar 16, 2016

Dogs and humans have enjoyed a truly special relationship throughout history. Of course, selective breeding has had a lot to do with this. Dogs today were bred from wild dogs and wolves, and while they may have some similarities, the modern domesticated dog is a far cry from his primal ancestors. In every generation, we bred the traits we liked (loyalty, playfulness, intelligence) and bred out the traits we didn't like (hostility, aggression, etc.) until we ended up with the lovable pets we have today.

There are plenty of cases that show that dogs are man's best friend, but in my experience, dogs are even better friends with babies. We've even posted quite a number of videos featuring dogs and babies getting along famously. It's not known what causes dogs to become so protective of human babies - they may think of them as fellow puppies, or maybe they just recognize how naturally helpless babies are. In either case, the bond is very clearly there.

Dogs loving babies is certainly an adorable thing, but I will one-up you just one more time: how about babies and puppies, such as the ones seen enjoying the world's cutest nap in this video? Now that's a combination that would melt even the iciest heart! Under mom's watchful eye, two pups and a baby have a little snooze, dreaming about all the adventures that they will have together on this journey called life.



Posted by Cosmopolitan Australia on Tuesday, January 5, 2016

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