Social Experiment Finds Customer Abusing Employee With Down Syndrome

Imagine being in line at a grocery store where the person bagging your items has special needs. Now imagine the customer in front of you begins to ridicule that employee. What do you think your reaction would be? Would you stand up for the employee or would you ignore the confrontation altogether?

The video below outlines this exact situation in a series of social experiments. What Would You Do? took over Kilroy’s Wonder Market in New Jersey and set up hidden cameras all around. An actor with Down syndrome posed as an employee of the store, bagging groceries for people in the cue. Meanwhile, other actors posing as customers would insert themselves in line and pour abuse upon the young man. The cameras catch the reactions of the real customers, and some of their responses are shocking. 

One actor turns to an actual customer and says, “They shouldn’t hire these people.” Another even uses the “R” word.

The customers of the market, not knowing this is all a setup, react in a variety of ways. Check out the video and decide whether or not you would act with compassion, or if you would just walk away.

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H/T: What Would You Do?

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