Soft Sentences For Evil Pair Who Headbutted Dog And Threw It Down The Stairs Sparks Outrage

Warning: the video below is pretty extreme, and is definitely very hard to watch. As a result of this footage, brothers Andrew and Daniel Frankish, aged 21 and 19, respectively, received a 21-week sentence with a six-month curfew.

The two brothers filmed themselves beating their pet bulldog, Baby. They can be seen repeatedly jumping on her, hitting her, headbutting her, and even throwing her down the stairs.

Their incredibly light sentence has sparked an outrage online, and there is now a petition on urging the British government to investigate the issue further.


So far, the petition has received 457,011 signatures and counting, just shy of their goal of 500,000.

Alex Richardson-Lee, who started the petition, said that the sheer brutality on display in the video is what prompted him to push for a harsher sentence.


He believes that the video shows that the brothers were clearly enjoying torturing the poor dog. If you watch a little of this video yourself, you'll definitely agree.

Currently, the brothers' sentence remains unchanged, but the amount of online response indicates that there is a good chance it may be revisited. If you'd like to add your signature to the petition as well, sign here.

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H/T: HeroViral | RSPCA

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