Solar-Powered Concept Plane Could Be The Future Of Air Travel

May 2, 2015

Air travel could look pretty different in 15 years. A proposed design for the future of aircrafts features three passenger decks and solar panels for generating autonomous power, all while being up to 75 percent quieter in the air. 

The Progress Eagle would hold up to 800 passengers.

Officially called the AWWA-QG Progress Eagle, Barcelona-based designer Oscar Viñals believes that this is what air travel will look like in 2030. The design uses six hydrogen fuel engines, one of which will be a rotating propeller engine at the rear of the plane to help generate enough thrust for take off. 


Once in the air, the plane would use the rear engine as a wind turbine to generate electricity

The plane's cockpit is located on the second deck, which also has beds and office space for the crew. 

The Progress Eagle also has multiple solar panels on its wings and body to maximize its carbon neutrality. 

It should be emphasized that the Progress Eagle is a concept plane. Mr. Viñals says it features a lot of technology that is currently on the cutting edge of science. He calculated that, at the current rate of progress, a lot of these features would actually be plausible by 2030. 


The Progress Eagle's wingspan of 314 feet easily dwarfs all of today's commercial airplanes, including the Airbus A380 (262 feet) and the Boeing 747 (209 feet).

The AWWA-QG Progress Eagle: coming soon to an airport near you?

Credit: Daily Mail (UK)

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