Soldier Adopts Puppy In Iraq, Then Brings Him Home To California

A soldier never leaves a man behind. When Army Specialist Ken Wyrsch left for Iraq, he wasn’t expecting he would meet his new best friend. One day, a stray puppy made a much welcomed visit to Wyrsch’s Army base. After stumbling upon the camp, Wyrsch’s unit was immediately smitten by their new furry friend.

A mutt they named Ollie, the pup became the camp’s unofficial mascot, serving as a wonderful morale booster. Having stolen Wyrsch's heart, the soldier immediately took it upon himself to raise the dog. “He was there when we left on our missions, he was there when we got back,” Wyrsch says to CBS SF. The pair became inseparable, which made leaving camp particularly devastating. After learning the camp was being shut down and that he would be returning to the States, Wyrsch realized he couldn’t leave his best friend behind. Normally, soldiers return home to be reunited with their pets, but this time that wouldn’t be the case. However, with help from SPCA International, Wyrsch was able to raise the funds needed to bring Ollie to his new forever home in the Bay Area. After traveling thousands of miles, the dynamic duo were reunited at the SFO cargo depot.

"You never leave a friend behind,” Wyrsch says. “Can’t do it.”

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H/T: CBS SF Bay Area

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