Soldier In A Scuba Mask Surprises Family

Though the focus of Memorial Day is our fallen heroes, may we never forget all of our servicemen and women and the sacrifices they make. We usually remember to thank our veterans and currently active troops for their service to our country, but we often overlook the sacrifices they make to do so.

When you consider the amount of time training, and the various classes and schools necessary to be prepared, it adds up quickly. Then, when you add in time spent deployed or on other duties that take our soldiers away from home, you begin to understand what sacrifice truly means.

Sure, you could say they knew what they signed up for, or that your job takes you away from your loved ones too, but it's different. While we travel to conferences and sales seminars to help support ourselves and our families, these everyday heroes travel to face dangers and difficulties in our stead.

They do not serve to grow rich. They do not do it for popularity. They sacrifice precious days, weeks, and years with family and friends for one ideal: Honor. Some to honor their families, some for a fallen friend, some for personal reasons of honor, but all do it in service of our nation.

With all of this in mind, it is always heartwarming to see our troops reunite with those they left here at home. Especially when they do so in creative and fun ways. Pretty sure you've never witnessed a beach scene like this one ...

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