Soldier Surprises His Parents With A Wonderful Gift

The housing industry collapse - and the subsequent recession - affected millions across the country. Soldier Jose Cordova's family was no exception. As if his deployment wasn't difficult enough for them, Jose's father lost his job during that time. The Cordovas couldn’t pay their mortgage and their home went into foreclosure.

While they were dealing with all of this, Jose was busy keeping a secret - one that would eventually change their lives. Over the course of several years, he saved all of his military checks, to the sum of $30,000.

From his post in Afghanistan, Jose contacted a realtor to bid on his childhood home. In a moment of compassion, the seller lowered the asking price so Jose could afford to save his family. From across the world - and unbeknownst to his relatives - Jose bought back his family's home!

Realtor, G. Varrato who brokered the deal, states that out of his 25 years of experience he's "never, ever, ever met a young man with the kind of commitment and compassion for family that Jose has." Varrato summarizes the feelings of so many when he says that Jose "is an incredible individual." 

To finalize the purchase, Jose was granted a two-week leave from active duty. His family plans to renovate the cozy, pink house within the coming months. While there aren't words to fully explain the relief experienced by his family, Cordova perfectly describes their reaction: "Everybody was really happy."

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H/T: ABC15 Arizona

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