Soldier Talks With Homeless Man

A soldier understands hardship, and maybe that’s why this military man felt a connection with a homeless man.

Tammara, a resident of Topeka, Kansas, was at a stoplight one afternoon when she witnessed an interesting sight. She noticed a car pull off the ramp of the freeway and park. A man in a military uniform emerged from the vehicle and walked up to a homeless man who was sitting by the ramp, with everything he owned right there next to him. The soldier proceeded to sit down and talk with the man.

Tammara said, "I would love for the world to see this picture because it is worth more than a thousand words. It is so heartwarming. I thought it was nice of the soldier to get out of his car and go talk to the man."

Tammara shared the photo on Facebook to inspire people to be good to their fellow man.

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H/T: Newsiosity

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