Soldier Was Forced To Leave A Dog He Rescued In Iraq. A Month Later, They Have An Emotional Reunion

Ken Wyrsch was stationed at an army base in Iraq when he first met Ollie, a stray puppy that the soldiers had started taking care of. Ken and Ollie instantly became best friends, and the puppy was an important part of the soldier's life on the base. 

Ollie grew bigger as time passed, but he and Ken were always inseparable between missions. "He was there when we left our missions, he was there when we got back," says Ken.

Sadly, the day came for Ken to go back home to California. The whole base was being shut down too, which meant Ollie would end up on the street again. That thought left Ken heartbroken, and he knew he had to do something for his best friend.

Ollie was such a gentle, loving dog. Ken knew he wouldn't last long on the streets of Iraq, a country that is still torn by conflict and doesn't have great attitudes towards street animals. So, he contacted SPCA International to see if they could help bring Ollie to California.

One month later, after getting some very generous donations, the pair were reunited in the USA.

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H/T: CBS SF Bay Area

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