Some Of The Most Successful People In The World Are Procrastinators. Here's Why.

Be honest, did you almost put off reading this story?  If you are one of the estimated 20% guilty of procrastination, you're in some very good company. Socrates, Mark Twain, Jane Austen, Leonardo da Vinci, Thomas Jefferson and the Dalai Lama are among those in your procrastinator ranks. Laziness surely isn’t the culprit for putting off work until the very last minute, so what gives?

According to author and University of San Diego professor, Frank Partnoy, there are several possible factors for procrastination.  One is just a matter of priority: you might choose to do what you perceive as the more valuable activity first. Of course, you might engage in what professor Partnoy calls "passive procrastination", which is dragging your feet just to avoid a task that intimidates or annoys you.

However, as you put more space between your initial assignment and the task at hand, you might begin to see your priorities and its natural process of selection.  Partnoy notes that some tasks "disappear if given the chance" and allow us to see the most important parts of the task at hand.  It's as if time distills the task down to its simplest essence naturally.  This can also give you the chance to see your task in a new light and after some valuable reflection,  the deadline can provide incentive to get energized about it.  

As long as the "mad dash" approach works for you, there's no reason to feel bad about it.  If putting something off until the very last minute scares you, reason stands that we'd develop a natural aversion to it.  And while some people work best under the least amount of pressure (e.g. taking small increments that can be easily revisited), many people find this process unhelpful and simply do their best work under the crunch of a deadline.  

Even if there is no visible progress on the assignment, most procrastinators will tell you that they are mentally working over the task well before they take that first actual step.  While procrastination does give you less room for error, if it works for you, there is really no reason to change so long as you are completing the tasks before the deadline.  After all, it's your time.

Source: Elite Daily

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