Someone Bought This Abandoned 18th Century Church, But What They Transformed It Into Is Stunning

For years, the St. Nicholas church in Kyloe, England sat vacant and abandoned. Built in 1792, the church was in poor condition, and seemed doomed to be slowly reclaimed by nature.

Luckily, a couple fell in love with the old seaside church, and decided to give it a new lease on life. 

They worked tirelessly to convert the cavernous church into a Georgian-style contemporary home.

Considering that there is a full graveyard in the front yard, the interior is remarkably warm and inviting.


They held on to as many of the original details as possible, like these stained glass windows overlooking an oversized clawfoot tub.

To deal with the lack of upper level windows, the team installed skylights – the only real modification to the church's exterior.

This bedroom (one of four) is downright majestic. The bed is raised on stone slabs and flanked by an alcove of stained glass windows, original sconces, and frieze work.

The enormous living room space is kept open and airy, with skylights and string lights that add a sense of casual play and keep the space from looking too serious. 


The natural light and indoor plants stop the arches from looking too heavy, and the wood paneling keeps the look cohesive and warm.

The fourth and fifth bedrooms are slightly lofted and separated by heavy curtains, but located only steps away from the dining and living areas in this bold, open floor plan. 

Could you live in a space like this? 

Credit: Little ThingsSt. Nicholas Church House 

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