Son Secretly Shares His Mother's Beautiful Hobby Of "Extending" Photos With The Internet

Reddit user delpaint noticed that his mom had a rather unusual hobby, and that she was quite talented at it. She would take a photograph (of herself, or family or friends), and then sketch around it to create a larger, more complete image. Here’s the thing, though: this wasn’t just a case of some enthusiastic doodling – these sketches were stunningly fabulous works of art. They were too good not to share with the world, and so he uploaded her pictures to Reddit.

She starts with a normal photograph... and then extends around it.

Sometimes, she uses colored pencils.

She has no clue he uploaded these. If she did, she’d blush.


What a unique art form.

Each picture has its own personal composition and color palette.

This is just a casual hobby for her, something to do for fun or occasionally for a friend.

The merit of her work is undeniable, though. It needs to be seen.

As of now, there’s no web page or way to directly contact her if you want to commission one of these for yourself, but with some words of encouragement passed along through her son, maybe she would consider it. Make sure to share this story with others because her work really does deserve to be seen by the world.


Credit: Reddit

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