Southwest Airlines Attendant Does Announcements As "Looney Tunes" Characters

If you've ever flown on an airplane, you're probably familiar with the mandatory safety announcements that the flight attendants make before the plane takes off. This informs you of the basics like how to work your seatbelt, where to find life vests, what to do in case of loss of cabin pressure, etc. 

It's all pretty useful information, but it's pretty much the same routine on every flight. As a result, if you fly somewhat regularly, you get used to ignoring this part of the flight. Some airlines, however, have decided to spice up the announcements a little.

This flight attendant from Southwest Airlines, for instance, used his talent for some uncanny Loony Tunes impersonations. Now there's a flight safety announcement I'd pay attention to!

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H/T: Kevin Keating

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