Spirit Seen After Motorcycle Crash

It's any truck driver's worst nightmare. He's driving along when he hears the screeching of tires and then a loud crash.

The driver, Saul Vazquez, realized his vehicle wasn't involved in the accident, so he pulled over to see if he could help. Paramedics and police were quickly on the scene, working to take care of those involved.

Saul snapped a photo of the scene to post to social media in hopes of warning people of the traffic it would cause. 

“All I say is I hope everyone involved is okay!” he wrote on his Facebook page.


But when Saul took a closer look at the photo he saw something was off. Above the state trooper was a ghostly figure.

At first glance, it looks like smoke, or maybe the light bouncing strangely. If you zoom in, however, things get creepy. It looks like the shape of a person suspended mid-air over the accident, reaching out to the injured motorcyclist. He may have perished in the crash, but the figure makes us think he's gone to a better place, maybe with the assistance of that strange figure.

Saul Vazquez


What do you think? Is that the motorcyclist's soul ascending to heaven? Or an angel guiding him? Or is it just a camera trick?

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H/T: LittleThings

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