Spoiled Baby Deer Gets Belly Rubs

Mar 22, 2016

When you work outside, you're bound to get up close and personal with nature from time to time. In July 2014, that's exactly what happened to Justin Lewis and his coworker. As they were clearing roadside brush to make way for electrical lines they found a tiny fawn tangled in some thorns. With no mother in sight, Justin decided to cut the baby deer loose and move him to a safer location. The rest, as they say, is YouTube history.

Over seven million people have viewed the 49-second clip of Justin's special moment with the baby deer, and among the comments, many have expressed concern that a doe would reject a fawn covered in human scent. While this subject is debated among deer rescue groups, the SPCA encourages people not to touch fawns, and if they do, to wipe them down afterwards with a towel that's been rubbed in grass. Does are known to leave their fawns alone for long periods of time, so if the baby deer in question appears uninjured, it's best for humans to simply leave it alone.

In Justin's case, however, moving the fawn was the right thing to do. It was tangled in thorns, and at risk of being crushed by construction equipment. Although the deer followed him around “like a lost puppy” for about an hour, Justin eventually noticed a doe watching from a hillside. He carried the fawn a bit closer, and before long, they reunited and walked away together. And Justin? He was left with a beautiful memory and newfound Internet fame. It doesn't get much better than that! 

H/T: Justin Lewis

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