Spoiled Cow Sneaks Into Family's Home

Most pet owners have cats or dogs, but some have more unusual animal friends. Sally Webster has a Brahman cow named Beryl - and she seems to think she’s a dog!

Eight-month-old Beryl has lived with dogs her whole life, snuggling up besides Webster’s two pooches, Fred and Wilma.

While the dogs live inside Webster’s Australian ranch home, Beryl stays outside - at least, she's supposed to.

Webster was met with quite the surprise when she came home from grocery shopping one day.

Her little wannabe-pup had slinked her way into the living room, resting comfortably on the carpet. Webster found nothing broken, nothing in disarray - just her “cheeky” little cow hanging out, waiting for her owner to return. 

While she lives outside now, Beryl did spent the first few weeks of her life in the house.


Sadly, her mother passed away when she was just two days old due to complications after birth.

Webster took the little calf inside, where she bottle-fed her and gifted her with a cozy blanket to sleep on. 

According to Webster, Beryl tries to sneak inside the house every chance she gets.

"She just likes to try and get in when she sees an open door," Webster tells The Dodo.


"She has an amazing memory and is very smart, so she knows where the calf milk lives in the laundry. The day she was caught in the lounge took me by surprise. I really didn't expect to see her making herself comfortable sitting on the carpet.”


The playful cow is very close to her owners and canine siblings. 

"She knows mine and my husband's voice," Webster says.

"She can be outside grazing out of view and we can call out her name, and she will always bellow back in a way to reply, or come to the house."

This clever cow and her family clearly have a special bond that's sure to last forever.

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H/T: The Dodo | Sally Webster

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