Spruce Up Your Light Switches With These DIY Light Switch Frames

Every time we enter a room, we flip a little switch that turns on the lights. For as often as we use it, the convenience of the light switch is something we take for granted. Before Thomas Edison invented the light bulb, you'd have to fire up a candle or an oil lamp every time you wanted to see in the dark. While walking through the halls of your house with a candle does seem pretty cool, I doubt anyone wants to give up their instant electricity.

Like breathing, blinking, or putting on a seatbelt, flipping a light switch is second nature to us. When was the last time you looked at the light switch plates in your house? Do you know what color they are without looking? Well, that's an easy question, considering most light switch plates are white. While this helps them blend in with the walls, it also makes them supremely boring. Not that you want light switches that stick out like a sore thumb, (Although, how noticeable is a sore thumb, really? If it's that big of an issue, just put your hand in your pocket.) but something unique that adds a touch of elegance is always welcome.

Dana from the punnily-titled blog "ME, MYSELF & DIY," has a brilliant idea for how to spruce up those switch plates on a dime. In fact, I wouldn't be surprised if a light bulb went off above her head when she thought of it - a light bulb that was turned on using a tastefully decorated light switch plate. In this tutorial, Dana demonstrates how she added vintage frames to her light switch plates all for around two dollars. By painting them white to match the plates, she creates an accent that blends in seamlessly with the wall while still managing to stand out as a bold interior design statement. Check out the images below to learn how you can do this in your home. From now on, you'll never take light switches for granted!

This is what Dana's light switch plates looked like when she started. Plain, white, and simple. Tired of having the same plates as everyone else, she set out to find frames that would set hers apart.


After many mismatched frames, Dana finally settled on these three that she found at the dollar store and a local thrift store. She recommends bringing your plates with you to the store and holding them up to the frames to ensure you get a perfect fit.

Put them together with some super glue and you are good to go.

You can leave the frames as-is if you want something extra eye-catching, but Dana finished hers off with some white spray paint.

How good does this look?


The finished product gives some nice texture to the wall and makes sure that no two light switches are the same! If you'd like to read more about how Dana pulled this off, you can find her full blog post here.


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