Stop And Smell The Bacon Roses

I'll bet you never thought of using breakfast food as a floral arrangement. Especially when that food is bacon! Let's be honest, we love the stuff, and we weren't really looking to improve anything other than the quantity available at most meals. Now though, with the help of DaveHax and The Serious Bacon Club, you can create a beautiful and delicious centerpiece. Whether you need an added flair for your party table, or you are just looking for an interesting way to serve breakfast, you'll love this simple food hack. 

In this easy-to-follow instructional video, we learn not only how to prepare these delicious bacon roses, but also a couple of ways to present them. The most interesting is, of course, the centerpiece arrangement. With some spinach leaves and simple kitchen skewers, a lovely, edible display takes shape. If your goal is to add some flair to the breakfast table, we have the bacon roses helping create a bit of a still-life on your plate. Either display you choose is guaranteed to bring smiles, but probably won't last long as a piece of art.

However you decide to add this to your menu, you can't go wrong, because, well, BACON! Even if you choose not to join the Serious Bacon Club, you can be sure you will get requests for these roses to make a comeback. So, take time from your busy schedule to stop and smell these roses.

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H/T: DaveHax

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