Stop Overthinking Everything And Read This List About Overthinking

Thinking is good. It's what makes us human and it's what ensures that we no longer live in caves and ride the mammoth to the fields each morning.

Overthinking? That's not always so good. It's the moment where you exhaust every possible scenario in your head in the worst possible way.

So, sometimes overthinkers need to take a step back and joke about their overthinking to help relieve some of the stress it causes.

Here we have 15 observations about overthinking, written by overthinkers for overthinkers that may or may not make your head explode through overthinking, but they are funny all the same.

1. Finger On The Pulse

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Minotaurclub says, "It's a normal interaction but every time I overthink it my heart beats faster." A vicious cycle of overthinking that leaves the heart racing. 

Minotaurclub says, "It's a normal interaction but every time I overthink it my heart beats faster." A vicious cycle of overthinking that leaves the heart racing. 

2. Setting Boundaries

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Of course, if you overthink, it can help to set parameters with others regarding this. Commontrashcan jokes, "Give me a few days to overthink about it."

3. That Sound


Overthinking may dominate your chain of thought and whatevskies-blog acknowledges this - "sorry I couldn't hear you over my internal monolog :/" It made us smile.

4. Career Specialist


Another dedicated overthinker, z0mb****h, acknowledges her skills: "My special talents include: jumping to the worst conclusion possible and worrying about that thing for hours."


5. Begging For It To Stop


Tumblr user Udons says it goes like this - "me: please don't panic and overanalyze things again"

"brain: how bout i do a n y w a y"

6. Holding Up A Mirror

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It's not that overthinkers don't know that it's a bad idea as racheldotgov explains - "i personally love to over analyze everything and suffer."

7. A Claim For Consistency


Jaclcfrost tells us, "'Why do you over analyze text messages' to my credit i overanalyze everything, always, because i love feeling like i'm suffocating and everyone hates me, constantly, so at least there's... consistency"

8. Casually Overthinking In Style


Just because you overthink, it doesn't mean you can't look good while you do it. As gulcayn tells the world proudly, "i overthink in #mycalvins"

9. The Practice Run


Thunderthighmobster explains taking his time: "me: hanging out with someone for 3 hours"

"me: oh hey, I just remembered I have to tell you something"

"me internally: that was a lie. I've been wanting to tell you all day but I've been too nervous to just say it so I've been mentally rehearsing for hours and"

10. Feedback Loop

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Jaclfrost says this happens a lot. "'You always overthink things' and now i'm going to overthink you making a comment on my tendency to overthink so i guess we all now have that to look forward to"

11. Going Off-Script

Twilight Angel

Overthinkers like you to follow their plan as infj-fish says: "Yeah um I already played out this confrontation like 10 times in my head so if you could stick to the script I imagined for you, that'd be great, thanks."


12. The Long Way 'Round

Youth Time

It can take an overthinker some time to get there. Pearlumbra says, "me, finally getting a chance to say something I've thought about for twelve days straight: oh, hey, that reminds me, funny thing, this came to mind but"

13. Clock Watching

Shayehill Comic Book Reviews

Theneurotypicals explains what happens when you're late: "Me: Were we supposed to meet at this time? Is this really the place we were going to meet up? Is it actually Thursday today? Were we even meeting at Thursday? Do I actually know this person? Do they really exist? Do I exist?"

14. Preparation Is Key


Public speaking can be hard as bob-belcher explains: "I rehearse what I'm going to say 50 times in my brain. 

Me: today how you are"

15. It Hurts Sometimes

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Asking an overthinker a question can cause pain as enlargers tells us: "when you say 'can I ask you for something?' My immediate reply says 'go for it' but my mind has already gone through the seven stages of grief."

It's hard for people to laugh at their weaknesses, but we think this group of overthinkers did really well. 

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