Strangers Band Together To Save Pregnant Horse Stuck On Railroad Bridge

Some time ago in the rural areas surrounding Valparaiso, Indiana, a woman was driving down a country road when she spotted something odd on a railroad bridge. Upon further examination, she found that the strange object was actually a full-grown horse that had gotten its hoof stuck between the wooden railroad ties. To make matters worse, the horse was pregnant! Clearly, she needed to be rescued before a train came speeding by.

Thankfully, a group of people, all strangers, also noticed what was happening and they all banded together to try to get the horse unstuck. These selfless men and women of all ages managed to get some nylon straps to pull the horse up, and used plastic tables to ensure she wouldn't get her foot stuck in the ties again. What's more, they were even able to alert authorities, who managed to stop an approaching freight train before it came through.

After she was reunited with her owner, it was revealed that she'd actually only run away about an hour before the woman spotted her. Some Fourth of July fireworks spooked her, causing her to break out of her stall. Thankfully, she sustained only minimal injuries. Had the rescuers not gotten to her, though, it could have been so much worse.

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H/T: nwitimestv

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