Strangers React To Being Called Beautiful

Dec 6, 2015

Shea Glover didn’t set out to film a social experiment, but that’s exactly what the Chicago-based teenager accidentally did last May. Her original idea was to record beauty for an independent project at her performing arts high school. However, as she filmed her fellow students, she was struck by the great variety in their reactions to being called beautiful. Some were flattered, others embarrassed or even angry. What did the strong emotions say about our society’s connection to the word “beautiful”? You’ll have to judge that for yourself.

A lot of people who sat in front of Shea’s camera took her words as a sweet compliment. 

Others were visibly embarrassed. 

Some thought it was funny. 

One girl became incredibly angry. She couldn’t believe that someone would call her beautiful and actually mean it.


Whether they believe it or not, each of these people are beautiful in their own way. 

This guy got really goofy when the word “beautiful” came up.

But quickly grew suspicious. 

For some, the compliment just went in one ear and out the other. 

But most people were flattered. 


Really flattered. 

Like, light-up-the-room-with-beauty flattered. 

To see more, watch the full video of Shea’s experiment below. A word of warning, it does contain strong language. 

Via: Shea Glover

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