Stray Collapses When Someone Comes To Help Her

Tania Cappelluti is a founding member of Charlie’s Angels Animal Rescue. She was driving in Costa Rica when she noticed something that made her stop the car. An abandoned dog was walking by the road. The dog was in pretty rough shape.

When Tania got out of her car, the dog immediately fell to the ground and began crying. Gaia, as the dog would later be named, was dehydrated and infested with tick and fleas.

Gaia was having difficulty standing, but with a little hydration she started slowly getting her energy back.

The next step for Gaia was to find her a home. Luckily Charlie’s Angels has experience homing dogs all across Costa Rica.


They find homes for most of their dogs through word of mouth, a surprisingly effective strategy. With the help of Osa Peninsula Rescue & Adoptions, Tania found Gaia a temporary home.

Gaia ended up with Devon Storayn on a community farm while they searched for a permanent residence.

Puerto Jimenez fell in love with Gaia, nearly immediately. Now they’re best friends.


You can teach an old dog new tricks. Gaia's life has completely transformed. Check her out high-fiving her owner!

We're so happy for Gaia!

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H/T: HeroViral

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