Stray Dog Collapses After Wandering Into A Yard - Then Hope For Paws Shows Up

Hope For Paws received a tip about a stray dog who wandered into a stranger's yard and collapsed. They rushed to the scene to help and found that the dog was responsive, but clearly in distress.

The dog showed his teeth and let them know he was in pain, but he cooperated with their efforts as if he understood instinctively that they were there to help. The stray even allowed them to pick him up in a makeshift gurney so he could be transported. Just watch Milo's happy ending!

If you'd like to help Hope For Paws save more dogs like Milo, please consider making a donation here. You can also find several beautiful dogs up for adoption at the Cause For SB Paws website here.

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H/T: Hope For Paws

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