Stray Dogs Suddenly Showed Up To The Funeral Of The Woman Who Spent Her Life Feeding Them

Margarita Suarez was a Mexican woman who spent much of her life religiously feeding stray dogs. Every morning, they would show up at her door because they knew that she didn't miss a single day. She cared deeply for these strays, to the point that whenever she went out of the house, she'd always take a packet of food for any strays she'd meet on the way. 

Unfortunately, she suddenly passed away. All of her friends and family came from far and wide to pay their respects, and the dogs were not far behind. The pack sat in silence and mourned the passing of their friend and even followed the funeral train from her home to the cemetery. Once her body was cremated, the dogs dispersed all by themselves.

When Margarita passed away, her whole family came to mourn, including all the stray dogs she spent her life feeding.

They made no noise as they entered, and calmly curled up to mourn the death of their friend.

Along with the dogs, a bird also attended Margarita's funeral.


At first, the staff at the funeral home was very confused, but they were soon overcome by the love these dogs displayed.

Clearly, these dogs really loved Margarita.

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H/T: HeroViral | Bored Panda

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