Stretch Old Tights Over Your Vacuum Cleaner For An Awesome Cleaning Hack

It's hard to imagine the world before vacuums. I suppose a broom and dustpan got the job done on most occasions, but what about those times you have to clean up hard to reach places like tight corners and underneath furniture? It's times like those, or whenever we need to give a duck a belly rub, that we're thankful for the invention of vacuum cleaners.

But let's talk about those hard to reach places for a second. Unlike brooms, vacuums have a tendency to clean up things that you might not have wanted to clean up. We've all experienced that feeling of dread when our vacuum cleaner makes a loud growling noise - one that it definitely isn't supposed to make - and we have to open it up to see what got stuck inside. I've found everything from clumps of hair to LEGO bricks inside my vacuum cleaner, and while I certainly don't want them on my floor, the vacuum isn't where they should end up either. 

To help solve this common dilemma, Nifty shared a clever hack that makes sure your vacuum only cleans up what it's supposed to. Simply slide an old pair of nylon tights over then end of your vacuum cleaner and secure it with a rubber band or hair tie. Now, dust and dirt will still get through, while larger items like LEGO bricks and jewelry will stay safe from the vacuum's grasp. This is especially helpful when cleaning underneath couches or any other areas that are tough to see. Want another vacuum hack? Check out this video to learn how your vacuum cleaner might be the best place to store your valuables.


How To Find Tiny Items With Your Vacuum See full instructions here:

Posted by Nifty on Tuesday, March 15, 2016

H/T: Nifty

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