Stuffed Bunny

It can be hard to lose your favorite stuffed animal. Even harder when it’s left all on its own in a place far from home. Just such a fate befell one stuffed rabbit while on a vacation at the Adare Manor Hotel in Ireland. Thankfully, the kind and generous staff granted an extended stay to the flop-eared bunny, and even some bonus amenities.

They documented his holiday on Facebook, in hopes his owner would find him.

He had his own room, and all the complimentary chocolates he could ask for.

And the full spa treatment.


He quickly befriended all the staff.

And even took time out for afternoon tea.

He enjoyed walks around the grounds, but still he missed home.

Thankfully Kate, his best friend in the whole world, found him and contacted the hotel on Facebook.


They made a plan to pick “Jellycat” up from the hotel, but it would be a few days.

Jellycat made great use of those last few hours at the hotel.

But was so happy to head home, and live happily ever after with Kate.

Via: BuzzFeed

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