Stunning White Peacock Shows Off Its Feathers

Mar 31, 2016

When most people hear the word "peacock," the first thing they think of is NBC and its colorful logo. Personally, I find that highly offensive because peacocks are among the world's most beautiful creatures and they don't often get the respect they deserve. Peacocks come in all different colors, but I think the most gorgeous of all is the pure white variety - once you see this video, you'll know why. 

While on a visit to a local park, YouTuber Webintrack Wit discovered a white peacock prancing along through the grass. This made him stop in his tracks because he knew just how rare white peacocks are. When the animal began making noises, he took out his camera and started recording, not having the slightest idea of what to expect. To his surprise, the peacock began to "dance" in front of the camera, showing off its stunning full-size feathers. The display left those watching in utter amazement, marveling at the beauty of the spectacular creature. 

Despite being such beautiful animals, many people don't know a whole lot about peacocks. For example, did you know that peacocks are the male variety of the peafowl? Female peafowls are known as peahens, and babies are known as peachicks. The peacock's colorful feathers and the sounds they make are used to attract mates. They're very interesting animals, and once you start to learn a bit about them, you can impress people at parties with your knowledge. So, if you see a white peacock strutting around somewhere, make sure to follow this YouTuber's advice and start recording. 

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H/T: Webintrack Wit

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