Surfers Heard A Baby Whale Crying And Came Running To Rescue Her

Sometimes, whales swim into shallower waters and run into the danger of getting stuck when the tide recedes. This happened to a baby pilot whale earlier this year when it became stuck on a Costa Rican beach near a small river. The poor whale would have surely died there had it not been for surfer Mauricio Camareno and his friends. They spotted a small bump coming out of the water, and, as they got closer, they realized it was a baby whale crying out for help.

It took them all of their strength to get her out to deeper water where she could move more freely, and she was already weak from trying to keep her head where she could breathe. The surfers literally held her up for six hours so that she could breathe. Eventually, the whale regained her strength. 


Had they just abandoned the baby whale, whether it was in the shallows or the deep water, the whale would never have had the strength to be able to hold her head above water to get air. Eventually, the tides rose back up again and the surfers had an opportunity to move the whale further out, where she could maneuver more easily as she regained her strength.


All in all, it took the three surfers several hours to get the whale back out to sea. Thanks to their hard work, the whale was able to swim away, no doubt incredibly grateful to the three men who saved her life.

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H/T: HeroViral | Noticias del Puerto

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