Surprisingly Effective Japanese Technique To Overcome Laziness

Everyone has goals, but we often don't end up achieving them. Often, we just don't know where to start, or we just get lazy midway through. Why does this happen? Because we try to do too much too fast, and it's hard to change old habits and try something new.

Kaizen, a.k.a. the "One-Minute Principle"

The Japanese have a concept known as "kaizen," which includes a one-minute principle for self-improvement. The idea is quite simple: a person should practice doings something for just a single minute, every day at the same time. Even the laziest of us can stay focused on a single task for a minute at a time. It's easy to find an excuse to avoid spending half an hour or more on something, but 60 seconds? That's totally doable.

Whether it's working out or learning a foreign language, doing it for just 60 seconds makes it seem like less of a chore, turning it into a pleasurable activity instead. Taking one small step at a time helps you overcome your lack of confidence when learning something new. Little victories are more likely to occur at this rate, which will help encourage you to try harder. Eventually, you'll want to do it for more than a minute at a time - and that's progress!

The roots of kaizen are in the words "kai" (change) and "zen" (wisdom). The creator of this principle, Masaaki Imai, believes it applies just as well to business as it does to your personal life. 

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H/T: Bright Side

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