Surreal Photos Of Japan's Forests Filled With Fireflies

I've had somewhat of a fascination with Japan ever since I was first introduced to sushi when I was seven years old. The food, the technology, the bizarre-yet-awesome pop culture–visiting Japan is definitely on my bucket list. Still, if you aren't convinced that it's a place worth visiting, maybe this will change your mind.

Every summer, for a very brief time period, fireflies take over the forests with a magical display of lights. The insects use the light as a way to attract a mate, but for human observers, they're basically Mother Nature's equivalent to an awesome light show. Early in the evenings, photographers venture into the woods to capture these light displays. Because fireflies don't really like other forms of light and because their own light flashes are incredibly fleeting, photographers tend to use long exposure shots to capture fireflies. This results in some truly breathtaking photography, as seen below.

Yu Hashimoto

Hiroyuki Shinohara

Yume Cyan



Nomiyama Kei

Asuka I




Daisuke Aochi


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H/T: Bored Panda

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