Take A Break From The News And Check Out 25 Photos That Will Brighten Your Day.

Funny, joyous, tearful, these 25 photos will warm your heart. Be sure to pass this on and brighten someone else's day. Who wouldn't be happy to get this?

1. These free rainbows from Meg.

2. This message a 24-year-old left for his mom to see from her window while she undergoes chemotherapy.

3. The happiest poster ever.

4. "I randomly declared June 1st 'Kids Day' when I was 8 years old. I'm 36 now and just woke up to this from my parents."

5. This man who uses his lunch break to read to another man who can't read.

6. This elderly man and his elderly dog.

7. This loving memorial for Phoebe.

8. This man saying hello to passersby.

9. This amazing girl's love of animals.


10. This mom and her son. 

11. This boy keeping his friend company playing video games while he's in quarantine.

12. This apology.

13. These thousands of people who came together to sing Christmas carols.

14. This supportive twin.

15. This man who saves day-old bagels at the end of the workday and gives them to hungry people on the street.

16. This good deed.

17. These thoughtful little girls.

18. This perfect graduation gift.

19. This act of random quarter kindness.


20. These two friends dressing up like Grandma for Halloween.

21. This dog who doesn't want to hang up on his owner.

22. This delicious act of random popcorn kindness.

23. This woman helping to keep New York clean.

24. This wonderful note from a father to his son.

25. This reporter wearing a grape costume to defend a boy with autism who was suspended for wearing a banana suit to a football game.

There. Don't you feel a little better already? Send this to someone to brighten their day. 

Credit: Viral Nova

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