Take A Look Inside The Biggest Cruise Ship Ever Built

Cruise ships are big business! With an estimated $35 billion in revenue just for the United States and over 20 million people setting sail every year, it’s easy to see why this industry is booming. Every year, new cruise ships premiere that are larger, more luxurious, and packed with more amazing features than you can imagine. This year, it’s the Harmony of the Seas and it’s unlike any ship you’ve ever seen before. The newest addition to the Royal Caribbean fleet, the Harmony of the Seas comes in at a whopping 362-meters long, which makes it the largest ship in the world! For scale, that means that this ship is longer than the Chrysler Building is tall!

But this ship is packing more than just gargantuan size. It cost over one billion dollars to complete, and it shows. This ship features amenities that redefine luxury and push the boundaries on how modern vacationers can relax. As if traveling the world on a massive boat or sunning yourself in a cool tropical breeze weren’t enough for you, this ship offers the kind of entertainment you’d expect from only the finest resorts in the world. This ship boasts 16 decks, the tallest slide of any cruise ship, 23 pools, a casino, five-star dining, and a theater with live shows. The behemoth of the seas, which can carry almost 7,000 passengers, just set sail for its maiden voyage from Southampton, England. Here’s a look at what those lucky passengers can expect.

For starters, just taking in the sight of the boat is something to behold. Remember, you’re looking at a ship that’s longer than the Eiffel Tower is tall!

This massive amphitheater is perfect for taking in one of the boats aquatic shows.

As if having a vintage, luxury car on a cruise ship isn’t glamorous enough, the ship boasts twenty spectacular restaurants to keep you full.

Unique sculptures like this one will make sure that you’ve got plenty to entertain your eye, even if you’re indoors.

Just looking at that massive waterslide is giving me the spins, but I wouldn’t mind watching other people enjoy it from one of those amazing enclosed balconies.


And if you get over your fear of heights, you get to enter the slide through the mouth of this metallic anglerfish!

With a merry-go-round, this ship really does contain the best parts of all kinds of vacations.

And when you’re all pooped out from having too much fun, these luxurious accommodations are a great place to unwind.

This ship has not one but TWO wave pools, so you can surf the waves on a boat that’s on even bigger waves!

There are two 43-foot climbing walls. 

And if one water slide isn’t enough for you, the ship boasts even more. Race you to the bottom!


There’s even a water park for the kids to splash around in!

The Harmony of the Seas features nicer gardens than most landlocked resorts.

And you get to enjoy these spectacular views from any of the decks, pools, or cabins!

The scope of this ship really is breathtaking!

Don’t you wanna try and hit each of those pools? And take in some cruise ship tennis!?

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H/T: LifeBuzz | Royal Caribbean

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