Take A Trip Through The Wimp Archives In Our Brand New Weekly Series

Jul 30, 2015

Today we’re launching a brand-spanking new weekly series where we share some of the lost treasures buried deep in our archives.

Since before YouTube was even YouTube, we at Wimp have scoured the depths of the Internet to provide the most entertaining, informative and enlightening content the web has to offer. Because we never want to show you the same thing twice, Wimp has built up quite the archive over the past few years. In the spirit of Throwback Thursday, we are excited to open our vault for the first time and revisiting some of the best and just-plain weirdest pieces from the past.

Mohawk Cat – February 20, 2014 (Link)


Are there cat videos? You bet. Like this shaman cat with a mohawk who is just trying to find his inner Zen. Don’t disturb him, he just got back from a year-long trip to India to find his guru.


Dad Life – June 13, 2011 (Link)

In 2011, a group of dads in Tulsa, Oklahoma put together an epic rap music video highlighting the glamorous life of Midwestern suburban fathers. They still reign supreme as the top hip-hop moguls of Oklahoma. No word yet as to when Drake will challenge them on Twitter.


Guy Builds His Own Instrument For Talent Show – November 22, 2010 (Link)

Way back in 2010, popular internet musician “Snubby J” blew away the competition at his school’s talent show when he played a six-minute medley of songs on an instrument that he built himself. It’s like the Blue Man Group but much cheaper.  

Do you have a favorite video from the past? Let us know in the comments and make sure to join us every Thursday as we continue to dig deeper into our archives and explore the weird world of Wimp.

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