Talented Siblings Put Reggae Spin On Adele's "Hello"

Adele is easily one of the world's most talented singers right now. Her songs all have an unmistakable soul to them, something that anyone, anywhere can recognize deep in the heart of them. I genuinely believe that some songs are hits because they get played a lot or because they have some catchy little hook that you'll forget in a few months... but the truly great songs are ones that come right from the heart, and that's where they hit you when you listen to them. You can tell when something is sincere even if you can't define it.

It's for that very reason that anyone wanting to cover one of Adele's songs is asking to fill a pretty tall order. I'm on YouTube all day long, and I can't tell you the number of truly awful covers I've seen. Even if the notes/pitch are correct (which is already half the battle on YouTube), most singers just can't deliver the "feel." Still, every now and then you come across some true gems, and that's what I'm sharing with you today.

Conkarah and Rodesha are a brother-sister duo from Jamaica who recently decided to do a cover of Adele's "Hello," but with an island-style reggae twist. I'd never have thought to do it like this, but these two pull it off perfectly. Talent clearly runs strong in this family!

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H/T: ConkarahMusic

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