Teach Your Old Sweater New Tricks With These 17 Practical And Decorative Hacks

When the snow is swirling in the air and the temperatures are in the single digits, nothing beats a good, comfy sweater. Well, maybe a roaring fireplace, but a sweater is a close second. Unfortunately, care of these knitted miracles can be tricky, and occasionally you will end up with a sweater that you can’t quite squeeze into anymore. Other times, a good snag can lead to a hole that just isn’t worth mending. At least not if you’re planning on wearing that patched-up pullover in public. In any case, more than many other articles of clothing, you can end up with quite a few sweaters sitting in cosets and drawers, going unworn.

It doesn’t have to be the end for these much-loved hugs-in-clothing-form. The following list of ideas are all simple craft projects that can turn your unused sweaters into new clothing, decor, and even a handy bag or two.

The simplest of all? A few quick snips and little bit of stitching will give you a perfect pair of warm, woolen mittens.

A Beautiful Mess

Once you’ve done that, why not add a little variety to your hand-warming accessories?

Whole Living

The right sweater, stuffed and embellished can make an unusual but beautiful wreath.

Crafty Little Gnome

In any of these projects, a few buttons or a bit of lace can be pretty transformative.

Mason jars are wildly popular for a variety of uses, but for hot beverages, consider these sweater cozies.


These are all no-knit projects, but if you are a knitter, it’s even easier to put together this clever yarn bag.

Sometimes it’s just about rethinking who, or what, the sweater is for.

It’s a bit of work to put this one together, but your four-legged friend will thank you.

Hot water bottles have seen a recent comeback, and even in a modern house can make a long winter night so much more comfortable. Increase their longevity with this clever cozy.

You’ll have to really trust your crafting skills with this laptop sleeve, but the soft, thick knit fabric of a sweater will keep your precious computer safe in the bag.

Repurpose that old cable-knit as one or more shabby-chic gift wraps for bottles and other items.

Look for inspiration everywhere. Even look down.


Who needs ribbon when you’ve got a pile of sweaters?

Those finer cashmere and merino knits can make a great headband. It might seem crazy, but wool is both absorbant and odor-preventing.

If you’re feeling ambitious, try reupholstering some old chairs with some old sweaters! Double upcycle!

Another simple project is this pair of cozy slippers.

Pillows are an obvious solution to your unused outerwear.

Via: Tip Hero

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