Teacher Leaves Her Open-Letter Resignation On Facebook

It was June 8th, 2015 when Wendy Bradshaw gave birth to her first daughter. As an early education teacher, Wendy was excited at the prospect of having a child of her own, but she knew it would take a lot of work and sacrifice. Eventually, one of those sacrifices was giving up her job so that she could better take care of her child.

Having a Ph.D in early childhood education, Wendy took her job very seriously. She always took careful note of each of her students’ behaviors and tendencies; that way, she could work with parents in creating an individual learning plan for each child and their specific needs. Her approach to teaching, however, was slowly being pushed aside by more stringent and standardized teaching guidelines where one plan is meant to fit all children. Tired of seeing kids being frustrated by cookie-cutter teaching plans, Wendy resigned.

Along with her resignation, Wendy left this message on Facebook:

For more information, check out this video:

Via: Sun Gazing | Facebook

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